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The program began in the Fall 2017 with the hopes of attracting like minded boys and girls who want to play more competitive soccer without the typical time and financial commitment of club soccer.   As our community has continued to grow, so has the success of Little Miami youth soccer. Many in our soccer community believed in an opportunity to provide a similar club structure for kids and families that for various reasons have chosen not to dive into the commitment of year-round club soccer.


Little Miami FC plays in the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League (BPYSL) and typically competes in 8-10 regular season games and 2-3 tournaments per season. The team will play also play local friendlies as opportunities present themselves.  


Thus far the club has been successful in developing competitive teams and players.  Our teams have won the GCPSL regular season titles since the clubs inception. While we are competitive coaches, winning is secondary to improving your child's soccer skill.  


Mike Prough

Krista Asbrock

Carrie Prough

Chris Asbrock

Tim Hirschauer

Josh Foley

Josh Whitehead

Chris Bayles

Mike Krentscher

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